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Nuevo Dragon City  
Nuevo Dragon City (USA/Mexico 12 min). A group of Chinese Mexican teenagers world
barricade themselves inside an abandoned furniture store in Tijuana. As the outside
is closed off and they sit entrapped, their surroundings and actions become a
powerful commentary on their own social existence.
MAQUILAPOLIS, (USA/México/2006 68 min.) An hour long video documentary about
(and by) workers in Tijuana's assembly factories, the maquiladoras.
The Graden of Eden  
The Garden of Eden, (Canada/USA/Mexico/ 90 min.) Maria Novaro. The U.S./Mexico Art
border is the setting for this trio of tales surrounding displaced individuals looking for a
better life.
Director Assistant.
Raza, (USA/1993/41 min.) Adolfo Davila. A documentary video shot in location on the
state of California on High 8mm and Beta Cam SP. Raza addresses Chicano and
Mexican identities and the social and political reality in the United States through their
words and voices.
Los Que Se Van  
Los Que Se Van, (Mexico/1991/26 min.) Adolfo Davila. A video documentary exploring
Mexican immigration to California.
Assistant Producer.



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  Threshold Foundation, San Francsico, CA
  MAQUILAPOLIS Amnesty Intl. Special Jury Award CPH:DOX, Copenhagen, Denmark
  MAQUILAPOLIS Audience Award, Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones
  Barcelona, Spain
  MAQUILAPOLIS Outstanding Achievement Award Tribeca Film Festival
  MAQUILAPOLIS Honorable Mention Green Film Festival of Seoul, Korea
  MAQUILAPOLIS Best Documentary, Contra el Silencio, Mexico, D.F
  Honorable Mention, VII Bienal Monterrey FEMSA, Mexico
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